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I'm Ryan. I specialize in weddings, events, and lifestyle video content. To me, this is what videography is all about:

Capturing life as it is.

My fondest memories as a kid revolved around gathering by the TV with my mom, dad, and sister watching old family VHS tapes. We would spend hours watching camcorder footage of life’s occasions: My parents’ wedding, their first experiences after migrating to Canada, my first birthday, and so on.

It was never the flashy bits that caught my attention, but rather the more mundane moments; the in-betweens of each “highlight” that struck me. I fell in love with watching these videos (dad-cam extreme zoom-ins and all), realizing that these very moments, the simplest and most seemingly-ordinary ones, are what bring out the most emotion and nostalgia through the screen. The small glances. The laughter. The stillness. In playing back these moments of our past, we can see how far we have come, and be grateful for what has led us to now.

As time goes by, the appreciation I have for these videos, and the stories of life that they tell grows stronger exponentially. Above all, what lies at its very core is emotion, and that is what I strive to emulate through my videos today.

What started off as watching home videos became creating them. And although much has changed, the sentiment still remains.

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